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Andy Wright a.k.a Apollo Studios. Film, TV and Commercials Composer, based in Leeds, UK

Working with you, I’ll compose the perfect musical accompaniment for your creative project. For me, it’s the magical, adventurous, and emotional music that makes the cinematic experience complete.

Working from my studio in Leeds, I specialise in composing for the moving image and collaborating with artists to develop their own songs.

I love creating outstanding music to give that little bit of magic to the visual content. There is nothing more exciting than taking a musical idea and turning it into a gem that grabs hold of the listener.

Composing For TV and Film

I write emotional and engaging music for TV & Film. I have produced and recorded music in a wide range of styles from intimate textural work, to epic orchestral arrangements.

In every film I have been involved in, I have found it essential that I fully understand the film, the narrative, and immerse myself into the emotions of the characters.

The film narrative unfolds over time, and the score needs to function as another character to support this.

As a composer, I like to be as involved I can in the whole process, and I want to over-communicate with people that I work with. I provide regular updates, samples of work, and progress updates as frequently as possible. That means you get feedback quickly, and should any tweaks be required you have plenty of time to make them.


As Benjamin Franklin said, “failing to plan is planning to fail,” and composing for film is no exception.

The success of creating a fantastic score is research and planning. Before I write a single note, I’ve found spending time at the start of the project to gather ideas, do research, and get into a right emotional state not only helps me formulate ideas, but also helps me feel relaxed throughout the compositional process.

Let’s Collaborate

I’ve been producing music for years and have written and collaborated with a variety of artists. I work with singers, songwriters, and bands in a variety of styles.

Artists have come to me with finished songs, but others with just lyrics or a vision of what they are looking to achieve, so we can write the music together.

Making music should always be fun, which is why I always create a relaxed and comfortable environment where we can be creative

The instrumentation you use will influence the feel and style of your music and so it must be carefully considered. My clients benefit from my knowledge as a composer, and multi-instrumentalist.

Original Material

The creation of a sonic palette and defining things like instrumentation and sound design is an essential element to the film scoring process.

Depending on timescales, I like to invest time recording instruments and creating custom sounds specifically for the film, which I then turn into virtual Kontakt instruments.

I’ve recorded everything from playing the guitar with violin bows to amazing virtuoso musicians.

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Working with me, you’ll discover a composer who can write across multiple genres, and truly understands how to work collaboratively.

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About Andy Wright

I have graduated from Bournemouth & Poole College of Music, and Leeds Beckett University Music holding a Bsc (Hons) in Music Technology, and an MA in Composition for the moving image.
TV, Film, Commercial Composer Leeds

I got started in music like a lot of kids did, learning violin, guitar and drums at a young age and playing in the school jazz and concert band. I knew that I wanted to compose music, so that’s exactly what I set off to do.

I have been fortunate to meet and work with many wonderful and talented individuals, in a variety of projects and I’m always on the look out to collaborate with more.

All the music and sound I create is custom made with your project in mind, with the aim of keeping it simple by working closely with you to achieve results that are unique, and memorable.

I only work with people that I genuinely believe I can help and similarly you should only work with a composer who you feel understands you and your vision.

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Building long-lasting relationships

I want to create long-standing relationships with everyone that I work with.

By choosing to work with me, you will enjoy a personal service from a composer that is collaborative, creative and reliable. 

But more importantly, you’ll find a composer that cares as much about the success of the project as you do.

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Can I collaborate with you on your next project?

Working with me, you’ll discover a composer who can write across multiple genres, and truly understands how to work collaboratively.

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